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Pascal Press Portable Coffee Brewer

  • 4000

Pascal Press is an all-in-one pressure brewer and travel mug designed for on-the-go coffee lovers. Combining a full immersion steep with a pressurized press, Pascal Press can make a smooth and strong coffee in as little as a minute. As you press, the patented flow-tube design separates the brewed coffee from the used coffee grounds to prevent overbrewing. When you're done your first cup and ready to brew again, cleaning out the old grounds is a breeze. Pascal Press is a truly portable coffee press.

  • Each Pascal Press comes with an Ivey-banded green silicone grip, leak proof lid and a 120 micron stainless steel mesh filter. All materials are food-safe and BPA free.
  • Has a leak-proof double lid design that keeps your coffee safe and secure without worrying about spills.
  • Perfect for both hot and cold brews.
  • 14 oz. capacity

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